Early Childhood Occupations

How does the human brain develop?  Why do disorders occur?  How do you teach math and science to a preschooler?  Answers to these questions and more are found in our Early Childhood Occupations program.  Students are challenged with the latest findings in brain development research, along with the latest findings in physical, emotional, and personality development.  Students learn strategies and develop skills for working successfully with children who exhibit challenging behaviors and who have various disorders.

The Early Childhood Occupations program exposes students to a wide variety of career options in the early childhood field, including Early Interventionist, Developmental Therapist, Pre-school Teacher, Elementary Education Teacher, Childcare Provider, Infant Mental Health Specialist, Child Psychologist, Family Support Worker, Parent/Nanny, Speech Therapist, Social Worker, Children’s Author, and Business Manager.  Students earn up to 11 Northern Maine Community College credits, 7 of which can transfer to the University of Maine System.