Electrical Construction

Our new Electrical Construction program begins in
School Year 2020-2021 with Electrical Construction I
for both juniors (afternoon session) and seniors
(morning session).
In this program, students learn various wiring
methods of residential buildings through a focus on
electrical safety and tools of the trade. Students also
use various mock-ups to perform the typical wiring
featured in today’s modern homes. All wiring
techniques learned and covered meet or exceed
National Electrical Code (NEC) standards.

Juniors who successfully complete the Electrical
Construction I program will enter Electrical
Construction II in School Year 2021-2022 to extend
their learning experiences to more complex projects
that include Electrical Metal Tubing (EMT) bending,
and wiring a complete 100 amp electrical service.
Students in the program will earn experience hours
that will be counted towards their journeyman
licensing requirements.
Second year students interested in a career in the
Manufacturing industry will have the alternative
option of participating in an Industrial Electrical
Instrumentation (Electrical E & I) track.
Program participants will earn a 10-hour OSHA
safety certificate, and will have the opportunity to
pursue an ACT WorkKeys National Career Readiness
Certificate (NCRC) at the Silver level. The ACT
WorkKeys NCRC helps employers hire and retain a
high-performance workforce. Some colleges and
universities also award credit for the NCRC.

Students in our program can prepare for
post-secondary education and training in a range of
specialties, including:
● Electrical Construction
● Electrical Systems Maintenance
● Electrical Power Technology
● Electrical Drafting and Design
● Electrical Engineering
● Electrical Engineering Technology
● Electrical and Industrial Instrumentation
● Energy Management and Systems
● Electromechanical Instrumentation
● Industrial Electrical Instrumentation
Career opportunities for those with a background in
Information Technology include:
● Electrician
● Electrician Apprentice
● Electrical/Energy Systems Manager
● Electrical Engineer
● Electrical Engineer Technician
● Electrical Power Lineman
● Electrical Power Plant Operator
● Electrical Construction Manager
● Residential Wireman
● Electrical Installation Technician
● Renewable Energy Technician